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Speak out against any US intervention in Venezuela

The Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle of NYC invites all our allies This Coming Friday to speak out against any US intervention in Venezuela. This coming October 7, the presidential elections will take place in Venezuela.

That day will decide the fate of a revolution which has taken most of the people of Venezuela out of the marginalization and state of neglect in which they had lived, and at the same time has made decisive contributions to Latin American and Caribbean integration and to the process of transformation in the Americas.

We declare our solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and its president and we demand respect for the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people. Come join grassroots movements of New York City to show your solidarity with the people of Venezuela and to say no to any US intervention–US hands out of Venezuela NOW! Welcoming remarks by the Venezuelan UN Adjunct Ambassador, Julio Escalona.

Friday, September 28th
Manhattan 1199SEIU 310 West 43rd
Time: 6:30pm 7 floors @ 7 p.m

Latin-American and Caribbean Group of 1199SEIU, Casa Las Americas, Cuba Solidarity
New York, International Action Center, La Peña del Bronx, Alianza Pais, Corriente Febrerista, Solidarity with Iran, SI, Colectivo Honduras USA

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