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Message of condolences

Raúl sends message of condolences upon the death of Army General Vo Nguyen Giap

Havana, October 5, 2013
Year of the 55th Anniversary of the Revolution

“Su ejemplo, de combatiente revolucionario perdurará entre nosotros como expresión de las históricas relaciones de hermandad que nos unen”, afirma Raúl.

Dear compañeros:

With deep sorrow I extend to you, in the name of the Cuban Communist Party, government and people, as well as my own, heartfelt condolences upon the death of the legendary fighter for the liberation of Vietnam, Army General Vo Nguyen Giap, which I likewise extend to the sister Vietnamese people and the family members of such a close and faithful friend.

The Cuban people will always remember, with admiration and respect, the figure of General Giap, and our Revolutionary Armed Forces his invaluable contribution to Cuban military doctrine. His example as a revolutionary combatant will endure among us as an expression of the historic relations of sisterhood which link us.

Eternal glory to General Giap!
Affirming my highest respect and esteem.

Raúl Castro Ruz
President of the Councils of State and
Ministers of the Republic of Cuba

Nguyen Phu Trong
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam

Truong Tan Sang
President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Nguyen Tan Dung
Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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