May Day

Join the US-Cuba May Day Labor Delegation 2024

Joining the labor delegation was a valuable experience. It provided an open exchange with union fighters from Cuba and around the world, opportunities to learn about popular democracy and to stand in solidarity with union members who are fighting to defend their country against interference from the U.S. government.”


“I strongly encourage other workers and union members to consider joining a labor delegation to Cuba.”


Mike Vera, Business Agent, Inlandboatman’s Union of the Pacific,

Southern California Region


US-Cuba labor solidarity network supports normalized relations with Cuba and building solidarity with Cuban trade unions. Consider joining one of the May Day labor delegations to Cuba:


  • Building Relations with Cuban Labor

Dates of travel: 4/27-5/4. (arrival & departure) *possible 4-day excursion to Santiago, at the end

Highlights- meetings with trade union federation, women’s organization, talk on race, visits to multiple museums and old Havana, visit to neighborhood, participation in May Day parade, International Solidarity meeting, 5/2.


Cost: $1975 + air (pricing is reduced, based on numbers joining delegation).

Price includes lodging, 2 meals/day, transportation to/from airport, translation/guides.

$500 scholarship available

Contact: Nancy Yamada or Bill Camp   –


  • LA Hands Off Cuba youth and trade union activists

Dates of travel: Pasantia/CTC union internship– 4/21- 5/3 (arrival/departure)

                           Short stay– 4/28- 5/3 (arrival/departure). (4/27 arrival option)

Highlights: Internship includes meetings with Cuban and International trade unionists. Both options include participation in May Day Parade, International Solidarity meeting 5/2, tour a factory, translation/guides.

Cost: Pasantia/internship- $500 + air/visa, Includes lodging, food, transport to/from airport and to meetings.

Short stay-$250 + air/visa. Includes lodging, food, and transport to meetings.

Lodging: CTC hotel (during internship), Hotel Rocinante (central Havana after internship)

Contact: Mark Friedman,


Basics if you are interested in joining any of the delegations.

Passport must be valid for 6 months after date of return.

Licensed travel: both delegations are licensed, refer to delegation organizers for more information.

Visa required; delegation organizers work with Marazul Travel to obtain, cost $75.

Airfare from most US cities with advanced purchase is $400 to $500. Best options with American Airlines connecting through Miami.

Contact info:    Local contact:

Ike Nahem

Ike Nahem is a longtime socialist, anti-imperialist, and Cuba solidarity activist. Ike is a retired Amtrak Locomotive Engineer, and proud member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, a Division of the Teamsters Union, and Railroad Workers United. He is a founder and leader of the New York-New Jersey Cuba Si Coalition, and the International US-Cuba Normalization Conference Coalition. Ike is the author of numerous widely circulated essays including To the Memory of Malcolm X; Fifty Years After His Assassination; The Life of Fidel Castro: A Marxist Appreciation; and Political Legacies of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Ike can be reached at